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Help to apply for conferment of qualification

The new online procedure to apply for conferment of qualification (conferment of degree) is available for all departments. Log in and access online services (, and then click on 'Conferment of Qualification'. Each department has set different access periods for application according to their yearly academic timetable. For further information see websites of individual departiments.

Before you start procedure you need  to prepare the following documents, which are to be enclosed:

  1. Receipt acknowledging completion of AlmaLaurea questionnaire (PDF format, compulsory enclosure for all students). Information on how to answer the questionnaire may be found on the webpage Graduating Students.
  2. Scanned (PDF format) Dissertation Approval Form (the signature of dissertation tutor not required for graduating students of the Departmet of Humanities).
  3. Scanned (PDF format) Student Record Book (compulsory enclosure for all students), while only graduating students of the Department of Humanities, Language Liaison, Languages and History also have to enclose a letter validating exams taken abroad, if applicable (ERASMUS). You need to scan the first page of your Student Record Book containing your personal data, your photograph and pages bearing the exams you have passed. Uploadable file size must not exceed 30 Megabytes. In case of larger file, divide document in parts. You may upload up to six 30 Mb files.