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Help for Registration and Pre-Enrolment

Here students will find a tutorial (PDF format) for on-line registration/pre-enrolment for/in undergraduate, postgraduate and single-cycle courses. The procedure is available once students log in and access student on-line services. At the end of procedure the application may be printed (PDF format), signed and submitted to the relevant Student Administration office in charge of the chosen degree course.


Starting from academic year 2017/2018 the on-line enrolment renewal procedure also includes claims for reduced tuition fees (the Revenue Financial Status Index (ISEE) self-declaration) on the grounds of income and merit provided for in the Administration Handbook for Students. The on-line procedure is mandatory for students who enrol 'Full Time' in degree courses (undergraduate, single-cycle and postgraduate courses) or postgraduate research courses.


  1. The on-line procedure to enrol in the five-year closed-access degree course in Primary Teacher Training is available only if students have passed the entry test and are ranked within the number of available posts in the relevant year as provided for in the public selection notice. Candidates who have successfully passed the entry test must click on Registration for Admission with National Entry Test in the list Type of Admission to display and select the degree course in Primary Teacher Training.
  2. After logging in with username and password, those wishing to pre-enrol in postgraduate degree courses must click on 'Registration and Pre-Enrolment' in the menu. While selecting 'Registration' students must key in details of their undergraduate and postgraduate qualification. Students who have not graduated yet may include details of qualifications that have not been gained yet (non ancora conseguito). In such case enrolment shall be valid only when students have gained the undergraduate or postgraduate degree required for enrolment.



  • Download or show instructions for registration/pre-enrolment and/or claiming reduced tuition fees (PDF)